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Homeopathic Treatments for Paralysis

Paralysis is a medical condition that is characterized with the complete loss of muscle function. Paralysis can affect only one muscle, or it can affect multiple muscles. Paralysis is most often caused by damage to the nervous system, and is especially common when there is damage to the spinal cord. Some of the more common causes of paralysis include trauma, nerve injury, stroke, spina bifida, multiple sclerosis and botulism. Although homeopathic remedies cannot cure paralysis, they can help to improve the condition and any accompanying symptoms. Homeopathic remedies described at this website work best when used along with any prescribed or recommended conventional treatments for paralysis given by a doctor.

Alumina and Mercurius for Paralysis

Alumina is a homeopathic remedy that works well for those that have paralysis that affects the lower extremities. This homeopathic treatment is especially helpful for those that have paralysis that is based on a condition that affects the spine. Those that will benefit from this homeopathic treatment tend to have paralysis that is accompanied with a heavy sensation of the legs that can make it difficult to walk or even stand up.

Mercurius works well for those that have paralysis that is associated with Parkinson’s disease. This homeopathic treatment is especially helpful for those that have paralysis that affects the face or the legs, but can be used for paralysis of any part of the body.

Cuprum and Causticum for Paralysis

Cuprum is a homeopathic remedy that works well for those that have paralysis that affects the upper extremities, usually affecting the fingers. This homeopathic treatment is especially helpful for those that have paralysis that is caused by multiple sclerosis, or fatty degeneration. This homeopathic treatment works best for those that have a cramping like discomfort that accompanies their paralysis.

Causticum can be used to help those with paralysis that was caused by exposure to cold weather. This homeopathic treatment works especially well for facial paralysis that was caused by long exposure to harsh, cold weather. Those that will benefit from this homeopathic treatment tend to have paralysis that affects only one part of the body, such as the face or the tongue. It’s also common for those that will benefit from this homeopathic treatment to have paralysis that remains after the underlying cause of the paralysis has been cured.

Paralysis is a serious medical condition. Although homeopathic treatments can be very beneficial for those that have paralysis, it’s always important to seek proper medical attention. Homeopathic treatments are also safe to be used along with any conventional treatments being used for paralysis.

Flying Squirrel Facts – What can they do?

Flying squirrel will always be a kind of squirrel which is popular for its flying ability. There are tons of species which are associated with flying squirrel. As a matter of fact, a ton of flying squirrel facts are all over the place. These are all over the world. These squirrels are situated in South America and North America. These will always inhabit south and north part of Canada and America. There are also instances when they may be stumbled upon on the coniferous and deciduous of mixed kind of forest. These flying squirrels are not that endangered at all.

Facts about flying squirrel

When it comes to measurement, flying squirrels may reach for about 12 inches. This is the length while the weight may be around 4 to that of 6.5 ounces. Most of the time, the female and male version of such have the same look. The fur on their backs can be seen this way. The same is also true with its sides. This may start from brown to that of grey. The same is also true with the white on their belly. Most of the time, the tail is also large. It may also be flattened this way. It is utilized as a rudder and it may glide through that of the air.

real-flying-squirrel.png (455×345)

While the species are commonly dubbed as the flying squirrels, they do not really fly. There is no need to take everything literally. However, they can do the synonymous activity because they have the ability to glide when they are in the air. There is a special kind of furry membrane in this juncture. This is termed as the patagia. This can stretch its ankles and wrists. This will then serve as a sort of type of parachute. This will then support the squirrel. This is going to occur as the specie jumps from one tree to another.

Flying squirrels have the ability to turn almost 180 degrees. It may also glide with ease. There was a recorded long flight done by them in the measurement of 300 feet. They can travel from shorter distances as well. They may glide from 20 to that of 30 feet. This may happen too.

Flying squirrels are always responsible in using their thick paws. They do this as a cushion so that they will not be hurt whenever they go for landing. When they find themselves on trees though, they can always climb no matter how high they want it to be. This is a chance for them to prepare just in case there is a need to jump again. This is one of the good news here too.

These flying squirrels come with their nocturnal nature. Meaning, they are the kind of creatures which are always active during the dark, or night. They are large and their bulging eyes may always help in seeing something in the dark. Flying squirrels will always be omnivores in nature. They may always eat any from vegetables or meat. They may also munch in various types of food.

Facts about the Tropical Rainforest – Features and more

Today, it is not impossible to research for tropical rain forest facts. There are many of them. There are basic facts about the tropical rainforest that may be learned in a snap. What are these?

Basically, tropical rain forests are always a combination of warm and wet. This is categorized as a biome which goes with a huge diversity of animals and plants. This also comes with a high amount of rainfall annually. The said regions are popular for their rainfall which may measure to 50 to that of 260 inches.

As for the temperature, it may be 93 degrees Fahrenheit higher. If converted, it may be 34 degree Celsius. This on the other hand, may fall below 68 degrees Fahrenheit on a case to case basis. This is a reality that may be expected eventually.

Typically, rainforest may always cover almost less than two percent of the whole surface of the earth. This may be home. It may be on an approximate of half of the plants and animals on the world. Needless to say, there is still a couple of things that are yet to be discovered about these rainforests. There are scientists who believe that there is still a great number of animals, plants and insects that are not discovered yet. This is still going to occur, that is for sure.

5583259423_4cb361aa70_b.jpg (1024×683)

Most of the plants located in tropical rainforest can be utilized for natural medicines. For instance, there are two thousand plants which are all found in the biome alone. These are discovered because they come with properties perfect for anti-cancer. There is a potential for a way higher percent in the species of plant. These are still being analyzed today. This may come with almost possible medicinal properties.

Rainforests will always play a crucial role in the regulation of the temperature of the earth. The same is also true with weather patterns. These rainforests are basically responsible to the production of the oxygen of the whole world. The deforestation done in most rainforests are said to be brought by the activities of humans. These may include agricultural ranching, logging and even that of mining. All of these pose a big threat on the biome.

Needless to say, tropical rainforest will always play a crucial source on the fresh water of the world. As a matter of fact, the Amazon Basin is considered to be the source of the fresh water of the earth, almost one fifth of it actually.

Today, there are known four layers of these tropical rainforests. These are all characterized by various plants that grow in the place and all those that live there. The said layers are on the forest floor, canopy, understory, and even that on the emergent layer. These are just among the facts that can be learned about tropical rain forest.

Tropical rain forests are always situated in any part of the world. This may run along that of the equator. It may start from the Capricorn tropics down to that of cancer.

OTC Cold Medicine: The Best Cold and Flu Medicine for Symptoms

Common cold symptoms are caused by the body’s immune systems fighting the virus. While the immune system fights the disease, the body feels drained. OTC cold and flu medicine provides you with relief. These medications are only suitable for comfort relief. If symptoms persist, seek the help from a qualified physician.

Tylenol and Aspirin for Cold Aches

Tylenol is the brand name for acetaminophen. Aspirin and Tylenol are cold remedies for the common aches and pains felt in the whole body. Aspirin blocks an enzyme called cyclooxygenase, which is involved in the synthesis of prostaglandins. Blocking production relieves pain and fever in the patient. Tylenol is a common pain reliever included with more potent drugs such as Vicodin.

Over the Counter Decongestant for Stuffy and Runny Nose

Pseudoephedrine is the most effective and common ingredient for a stuffy nose. Sudafed is an OTC cold medicine that helps reduce congestion, but the pseudoephedrine ingredient is also a part of methamphetamine synthesis. For this reason, Sudafed is now regulated by the FDA. You can buy Sudafed, but you must ask for it from the pharmacy counter. Afrin contains oxymetazoline, which is not as effective, but it is a cold and flu medicine alternative to Sudafed.

cure-a-sore-throat-400x400.jpg (400×400)

Cough Suppressant and Expectorant Medication

Coughing in the middle of the night keeps you from having a good night’s sleep, which makes it harder for the body to fight off the virus. These common cold symptoms are treated with a cough suppressant that has DXM (dextromethorphan). DXM addiction is an increasing concern, so cough syrup is abused by some addicts. DXM is found in Nyquil Cold and Flu medication.

DXM suppresses the cough, but an unproductive cough leaves mucus in the lower respiratory tract. This can lead to pneumonia, so it’s healthier to promote a productive cough with an expectorant. These are often found in Robitussin with the active ingredient called guaifenesin.

Sore Throat Medicine

The aspirin and acetaminophen help with the sore throat pain. Throat lozenges such as Chloraseptic and Sucrets contain benzocaine. This is an analgesic that stops the pain when it is swallowed. Salty foods and even gargling with salt water helps fight the infection. The warm water from simple chicken broth soothes the throat without upsetting the stomach. Some throat lozenges and sprays contain an antibacterial, but this does not help with a viral infection.

These OTC drugs are some of the best cold and flu medicine for comforting the common cold symptoms. Sore throat causes can be more than just a cold, so make sure to see a family physician if the fever increases or the pain persists.

Be aware of transcontinental railroad facts  

Every person in our world likes to be comfortable whenever they have geared up for a travel. On the other hand, the travel and transport was very difficult in the past centuries. One of the most important developments in terms of the transport worldwide was a transcontinental railroad. It is the right time to know transcontinental railroad facts in detail.

The First Transcontinental Railroad

The Pacific Railroad, Overland Route or The First Transcontinental Railroad was constructed in between 1863 and 1869 for connecting the West Coast of the United States to the East Coast. Companies involved in this project were Union Pacific Railroad Company, Central Pacific Company and Western Pacific Company.  The total length of this railroad was 1,776 miles and built for connecting the Pacific and Atlantic coasts in the United States.

Even though the ideal for the transcontinental railroad was present in the nation for a few decades before the official authorization by the Pacific Railroad Acts in 1862 and 1864, there were so many obstacles. For example, American Civil War affected the whole plans on the subject of the transport system enhancement in the nation.

There were many difficulties and dangers in the transcontinental railroads at first. General Greville Dodge was a real hero in the Union Army. He took the whole control as a chief engineer for this project allotted to the Union Pacific. He and his team moved westward in 1866. The main drawbacks to this company’s workers were poor support in terms of the overall safety, bloody attacks from Native Americans.  Native Americans did not understand the real purpose of the transcontinental railroad. They attacked workers in this project since they need to protect their native lands.

Chinese labourers were hired by Charles Crocker in 1865 for realizing the transcontinental railroad plan on time.  More than 50, 000 Chinese immigrants were worked in this project on the West Coast.  They suffered from some problems like pervasive racism. On the other hand, they were tireless workers and blasted tunnels through the granite by using nitro-glycerine and gunpowder.

The foremost purpose of the transcontinental railroad was to assist every resident and industry. Residents need the most convenient travel and industries need goods transportation from east to west across the nation out of harm’s way.

Big Four

The overall Central Pacific Railroad was controlled by Charles Crocker, Leland Stanford, Mark Hopkins and Collis P. Huntington.  These four men were called as Big Four. They played the most important roles during this project.  If you listen to transcontinental railroad facts available in any source, you will be focused on these four men immediately. San Francisco was connected with Sacramento in November 1869 by the Central Pacific Company.

The Pony Express was helped to provide evidence for the passable nature of the central route in winter. This mail delivery service was very helpful to connect California and Missouri. Residents used to send mails using horse carriage before this mail delivery service.  The mail was sent from Missouri to California after a few weeks rather than days.