Flying Squirrel Facts – What can they do?

Flying squirrel will always be a kind of squirrel which is popular for its flying ability. There are tons of species which are associated with flying squirrel. As a matter of fact, a ton of flying squirrel facts are all over the place. These are all over the world. These squirrels are situated in South America and North America. These will always inhabit south and north part of Canada and America. There are also instances when they may be stumbled upon on the coniferous and deciduous of mixed kind of forest. These flying squirrels are not that endangered at all.

Facts about flying squirrel

When it comes to measurement, flying squirrels may reach for about 12 inches. This is the length while the weight may be around 4 to that of 6.5 ounces. Most of the time, the female and male version of such have the same look. The fur on their backs can be seen this way. The same is also true with its sides. This may start from brown to that of grey. The same is also true with the white on their belly. Most of the time, the tail is also large. It may also be flattened this way. It is utilized as a rudder and it may glide through that of the air.

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While the species are commonly dubbed as the flying squirrels, they do not really fly. There is no need to take everything literally. However, they can do the synonymous activity because they have the ability to glide when they are in the air. There is a special kind of furry membrane in this juncture. This is termed as the patagia. This can stretch its ankles and wrists. This will then serve as a sort of type of parachute. This will then support the squirrel. This is going to occur as the specie jumps from one tree to another.

Flying squirrels have the ability to turn almost 180 degrees. It may also glide with ease. There was a recorded long flight done by them in the measurement of 300 feet. They can travel from shorter distances as well. They may glide from 20 to that of 30 feet. This may happen too.

Flying squirrels are always responsible in using their thick paws. They do this as a cushion so that they will not be hurt whenever they go for landing. When they find themselves on trees though, they can always climb no matter how high they want it to be. This is a chance for them to prepare just in case there is a need to jump again. This is one of the good news here too.

These flying squirrels come with their nocturnal nature. Meaning, they are the kind of creatures which are always active during the dark, or night. They are large and their bulging eyes may always help in seeing something in the dark. Flying squirrels will always be omnivores in nature. They may always eat any from vegetables or meat. They may also munch in various types of food.